About us

Bounce makes original, imaginative, and brave work.

We make creative work with care to connect people. We believe connection fosters communication, which in turn nurtures wellbeing. Connecting to new ideas, new people, ourselves and the communities we live in allows us to find new ways to communicate. In those moments we can all flourish, find happiness and a place to belong.

Our programme includes new writing, design, and theatre. We create original theatre and events with people who want to share their work with a wider audience. Along with this we host workshops for people who enjoy the opportunity to be creative.

Our work mostly takes place outside of a singular theatre space. We like to bounce into spaces, as it were, working in collaboration with non-arts organisations and across artistic disciplines to create the widest platform for participants to stand on to be creative. You can often find us in cafes, community centres, schools, museums and in the great outdoors.

Since our inception we have found opportunities to showcase, perform or exhibit at The National Archives, Southbank Centre, Rose Theatre, Paul Robeson Theatre, Soho Theatre, Tara Arts, Saatchi Gallery, Kingston Hospital, and the BFI. We’ve participated in the International Youth Theatre, Kent Council Safeguarding Conference, Wandsworth Arts Festival and exhibited at WOW 2019 and 2022 amongst others.

Read more about our impact and our previous work (best viewed full screen):