Bounce make original, imaginative, and brave work.

Our work evolves from the principal that being creative is good for you. We bring people together to find new ways to see the world and their own potential with it.

We produce a  programme blending new theatre with installations, wellness work, and creative learning. We want the benefits of creativity to be sustainable during and post our projects. Our collaborators include educators, therapists and youth coaches, who contribute to our core belief that being creative is good for you.


During 2018-19 we made 10 pieces of work.

Emoji was a new piece of theatre tackling mental health inspired by Hans Christian Anderson. This was twinned with an installation inspired by the writer at Kingston Library.  Loneliness in the City looked at loneliness in urban living, exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery and Rose Theatre.

Alongside this we had seven informal showcases allowing hundreds of young people an opportunity to showcase their ideas in their communities.

Our team worked with hundreds of young people and created thousands of opportunities for participation. Our work took place in classrooms, school halls, community centres, outside, inside, in alternative learning environments, art galleries, libraries, theatres, festivals and in a field.

We engaged 12 people artists over the year. In addition we created first time employment opportunities for five young people.






Artistic Team

Artistic Director
Louise Pendry 

Head of Arts and Well Being
Rachel Doherty

Associate Director
Katie Halliday Turner

Arts Practitioners
Tom Daplyn
Verity Richards
Daniel Ramsden


Evaluation Consultant
Kirsten Hutton

Jane Ryan

Graphic Design
Andrew Demetrius


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