About us

Bounce makes original, brave and imaginative work.

Our programme of youth theatres, community art clubs, holiday clubs, large-scale heritage projects, and creative learning takes place in borrowed spaces across our community.

We make creative work, with care to make positive change for everyone involved, based on our values.


Everyone has a right to take part in our work. We create spaces that enable our participants to explore creatively with confidence from their own starting points.


Creativity and self-expression is central to who we are. Our enquiry led approach enables our participants to be creative on their own terms.


We understand the power of community and encourage people to see their purpose in their community and be responsible for their role in it.


We approach all of our work at a starting point of care. This includes our participants, our artistic, our partners and the communities we serve.


We understand everyone has a valuable contribution to make. Our process focused practice enables all of our participants to value the contribution of each other.

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Our work is generously funded through grants, charitable trusts, and sponsorships.

What Do People Say About Joining In With Us?

“I have been part of this incredible youth group of talented people for almost three years now. It is guided by a dedicated, knowledgeable, and inspiring tutor – Louise Pendry, an amazing tutor with lots of great advice. Each week the sessions are deep, powerful and engaging. There is never a lost second. I’ve never experienced so much growth and fulfilment like I’m experiencing now. It’s incredible how I could grow this much in the last 3 years. I made it to The Brit School. I am going to study drama there from this September, year 10!” – Participant

“This group helped her build her self confidence and was a tonic for her anxiety. The subject matters you have covered has helped her intellectually develop and has given her the power of voice and opinion.” – Parent

“The group is more than medication. It is healing.” – Participant

“Before lockdown I was very conscious about my body and I get nervous about performing. But since I joined the Youth Theatre, I’ve felt more confident about myself. It’s given me a place to be myself and not to worry that people are looking at me.” – Participant