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Collaborations with Stanley Picker Gallery, National Archives & Kingston Hospital

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Partnerships with Anstee Bridge & It’s not your birthday but…

Finding new ways to make theatre

We made SCAR with Anstee Bridge. The young people were engaged as creative consultants during the script writing process. The methodology we adopted allowed them to contribute to the source material and ensured their voice was heard but didn’t require them to start with an interest in theatre making. In doing so they were given a creative way to demonstrate their learning, debate and reflect on their NHS project. These young people saw this for themselves when they came to watch the theatre production, which was a professional output.

Premiering at the National Archives, SCAR has since been performed at the Rose Theatre, Kent Council Safeguarding Conference, Kingston Hospital Nursing Conference, Heatham House and local schools. It’s authenticity is central to its success.

Supporting participants to build emotional resilience

Bounce has held a residency at Anstee Bridge for the past five years. This year we produced Our Health Your Hands, celebrating the 70th birthday of the NHS. Our artists supported all 24 young people, who at risk of becoming NEET because of emotional and social issues, to obtain Bronze level Arts Awards.

During 2018 our Mums Plus+ project ran in four locations across SW London. We blended creative practise with access to coaching to offer women a range of new skills. Women have tackled a range of issues from abusive relationships to post natal mental health needs in that time.

Increasing our commitment to well-being

This year we have evaluated ways we can better support our practitioners, who often work in isolation. Over the next year we look forward to implementing some changes to more effectively care for their wellness and professional development whilst working with Bounce. This includes access to training and coaching, along with meet ups.

Championing parents in work

As a company we have placed well-being at the heart of what we do. Over the last year we have found new ways for people with families to work flexibly for us. Mums not in employment are volunteering with us to prepare for a return to work.

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