Our Impact

The way we work is rooted in our values. We reflect on these when we consider our impact.



“Bounce Theatre has shown a light on the gloominess. I’ve written a stave for A Christmas Carol and made an oversized turkey from paper mache. I’ve made new friends, made a film, and made me realise it’s good to be unique. Through this year, everything has been cancelled, so we have to stay indoors more, and Bounce has thought a way around that so we can stay safe and have fun. I’m glad I joined this group because if I didn’t, what would I be doing on Monday nights? So yeah, that’s what I like about the projects.”

2020 was a year we learnt to tell stories in new ways. We created:

  • 1 book
  • 3 podcasts
  • 3 new zines
  • 30 covid secure workshops
  • 54 digital workshops
  • 300 tiny performances
  • 70,000 digital opportunities to join in


“I cannot express the gratitude, pride and joy we feel right now. Maia has struggled to do a lot of things in her life. Her anxiety can be crippling. I am literally blown away by her writing! The fact that she is prepared to share her writing and her feelings is truly a monumental achievement! We are so proud of her and extremely grateful to @boucetheatre for giving her the opportunity to be brave… And share… And maybe help someone else along the way. From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you”

We reimagined all of our work in a way that was possible to ensure we could:

  • Support children and young people’s well-being
  • Maintain our existing commitments to freelancers
  • Offer 29 freelancers paid work during the pandemic
  • Recognise digital poverty and provide resources for children during lockdown
  • Donate over £5,000 to Earlsfield Foodbank
  • Ensure that over 100 children saw Father Christmas in 2020. He told them he was proud of them for managing in the pandemic
  • Distribute over 11,000 printer resources to voluntary sector groups across SW London in the first lockdown.


“I would like to let you know how empowerful this theatre project has been to Ines in a time of pandemic. This experience raised my daughter’s motivation and confidence in herself. As a teenager, she felt very supported and happy to join you, your team, and the other girls. It was a time of inspiration, so much needed during these times.”

During 2020, we found new ways to keep connected. We offered:

  • Digital workshops in performance, creative writing, art and podcasting making
  • Covid secure workshops when conditions permitted

Our networks grew to work with a broader range of voluntary sector organisations to reach more people who would benefit from being creative.

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