Our Core Team

Louise Pendry - Artistic Director

Louise Pendry - Artistic Director

Louise makes new theatre with young people about things that matter to them and shares the work in their local communities.

Her interests lie in the relationship between arts, well-being and communication. She has developed projects on digital platforms, in cafes and community centres which focus on giving people creative platforms to develop their communication.

She is Speech Bubbles trained, a Mental Health First Aider, and Safeguarding Officer for Bounce. She is currently completing a certificate in Behaviour which Challenges. a certificate in Behaviour which Challenges.

Harriet Ditmore - Creative Learning

Harriet Ditmore - Creative Learning Manager

Harriet is a multidisciplinary practitioner who incorporates drama, dance and digital into her work. Underpinning her practice is an interest in multi-sensory work and communication in storytelling.

Harriet is responsible for our creative learning projects and resources. She develops workshops and afterschool clubs for children and young people across all key stages which link into the wider company work.

She is Speech Bubbles Trained and is currently completing a certificate in Behaviour which Challenges.

Lauren Purser - Company Manager

Lauren Purser - Company Manager

Lauren brings over a decade of working in Higher Education administration and management in London to Bounce. She supports the behind the scenes activities of the company – policy development, project management, and the development of our digital presence.

Lauren also works as a professional photographer, with personal interests in science, technology, the natural world, cooking, and gaming. She brings these interests to the development of new projects. Alongside this, she enjoys walking the family dog, Holly, who has become the unofficial Bounce mascot!

Lauren is also a School Governor for her local primary school.

Our People

Artistic Director

Louise Pendry

Company Manager

Lauren Purser

Creative Learning Manager

Harriet Ditmore

Artistic Associates & Collaborators

Andrew Demetrius
Gemma Lloyd
Jeni Walker-Lawes

Creative Learning Partners

Anstee Bridge
Fircroft Primary School
Smallwood Primary School

Community Partners

Grace Dear Trust
Home Café
Paradise Cooperative

Young People’s Board