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Louise Pendry

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Laura Gray

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Harriet Ditmore

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Lauren Purser

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Andrew Demetrius
Gemma Lloyd
Jeni Walker-Lawes
Tangle Photography

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Amber Demetrius
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Louise Pendry

Young People’s Board


Meet the people running your workshops

Louise Pendry - Artistic Director

Louise Pendry - Artistic Director

Louise founded Bounce in 2006. Alongside overseeing the strategic development of the business, Louise continues to devise and deliver our creative work.

She is an emerging playwright, making new work in collaboration with participants. Recent work including Lonely Town, SCAR, Emoji and Fried Chicken.

Louise connects with educators, voluntary sector and health professionals to ensure all of our work is made with complete care for the people who join us.

She is a Mental Health First Aider, and Safeguarding Officer for Bounce.

Laura Gray - Head of Learning & Development

Laura Gray - Head of Learning & Development

Laura is a committed lifelong learner, international educator, and instructional coach. With over 20 years experience in the UK and in international school settings she holds the belief in a student-driven education and self-directed learning. Learners are at the heart of education, and therefore, learning should be differentiated and personal. When learners inquire and explore, they understand more deeply.

Laura collaborates with Louise to underpin these values and strategies into Bounce’s creative learning projects. She works to ensure our work supports participants in developing empathy and care to take action to make a difference.

Harriet Ditmore - Learning & Development Associate

Harriet Ditmore - Learning & Development Associate

Harriet is an actress, drama and dance practitioner. She facilities workshops with all ages from children in reception through to G.C.S.E students. Alongside this, she has delivered workshops in bespoke settings such as young offenders and alternative education settings for young people with emotional health needs. Harriet blends drama and dance practices into her work, along with a growing interest in mixed media. Underpinning all of her practice is the importance of  creating a safe space where young people feel confident enough to explore performing.

Collagism - Artist

Collagism - Artist

Collagism is a multimedia artist working in the medium of collage. She loves to present workshops engaging students in developing their creativity and love of art. Her art career has spanned over twenty years, exhibiting and performing work all over the world. An Australian by birth that has called London her home for close to 10 years.

Gemma Lloyd - Artist

Gemma Lloyd - Artist

Gemma spent nearly seven years at Art School training to be a creative artist. She has always worked in the arts, including running her own business in the film and theatre world, and now runs an art shop in Tooting Market with a friend. She also runs an organisation that enables many people to engage in the arts. She believes that art is really important for everyone to experience and is making it her mission to make this happen.

She loves to draw, make prints, and jewellery out of metal. When she’s not working she loves to go to the cinema, lifting weights in the gym, going for really long walks and laughing a lot with her friends and family.

Jeni Walker-Lawes - Artist

Jeni Walker-Lawes - Artist

Jeni is a maker artist focused on developing creative opportunities for, and deep connections with, the communities in and near Tooting, where she is proud to live.

Her design education has included fashion, textiles, and 3D design, often using reclaimed and repurposed materials to make functional and fun household designs, large scale eye-catching toys, and costumes. She has worked on designs for Notting Hill Carnival and a local ‘Trashcatchers’ carnival. This led to a deep involvement with the local environment group, Transition Town Tooting.

Jeni cherishes spaces where people can connect – green, public, social and now digital. She tries to work with people who might not otherwise get a chance to develop their ideas and express their views.