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Meet the people running your workshops

Louise Pendry
Artistic Director

Louise founded Bounce in 2006. She oversees the artistic direction of Bounce’s work. Along with this, she devises, directs and delivers projects. She fell in love with drama in Year 7. It was the first lesson at school where she felt like she belonged. She works now with the same intention – to provide a space where you feel like you belong.

She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Mental Health First Aider, and Safeguarding Officer for Bounce.

Outside of work, she likes hanging out with her boys, cooking with vegetables, and running.


Collagism is a multimedia artist working in the medium of collage. She loves to present workshops engaging students in developing their creativity and love of art. Her art career has spanned over twenty years, exhibiting and performing work all over the world. An Australian by birth that has called London her home for close to 10 years.

Harriet Ditmore

Harriet is an actress and drama facilitator. She has experience working with lots of different communities from teenagers with learning difficulties, to young offenders, to children in reception. Her favourite thing about facilitating drama sessions is creating a safe space where young people feel confident enough to explore performing. She loves taking her dog on long walks and is also a trained dancer.

Katie Halliday Turner

Katie is a workshop facilitator and theatre director with over ten years’ experience working in the UK and abroad. She loves working with young people to see what stories they can make together and explore how to tell those stories using drama.

Katie’s favourite ice-breaker is good game Zombies, but online she loves Grandmother’s footsteps!

Stewart Melton

Stewart is a writer, dramaturg, facilitator, and director and has worked with schools, communities, and theatres across the UK and Japan. Many of his projects involve staging new plays written with and for young people, as well as sharing games and techniques to help young writers develop their own dramatic voices. Outside of work, Stewart likes running long distances, watching professional tennis, and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen!

Henry Mendoza

Henry is a writer, performer, researcher, and facilitator. He has experience working with young people with mental health difficulties, running drama workshops, duty managing local theatres, and doing general front of house for arts venues and events. He loves seeing the creativity and imagination fizz from young people in workshops – the moments where they feel inspired, having fun, telling stories. Drama always inspired him, and he saw first-hand how it could help everyone from those with behavioural problems, to those lacking confidence, to have a sense of belonging and a voice.

Outside of work, Henry enjoys seeing theatre and other quality drama and comedy, developing other creative skills as a video, photo and audio editor, spending quality time with his partner, friends, and family.


Kandy is an actress, co-founder and facilitator of DeviseWorks.co.uk, yoga teacher, and proud Mom of two humans and one fur baby. Her experience ranges from the corporate to creative world. She really enjoys using, teaching, and sharing various techniques from acting to mindfulness that help the mind/body connection to improve an overall sense of wellbeing.