Our values

We make original, imaginative and brave work

We encourage curious minds
We seek to create connection
We celebrate grace
We champion joy
We will be kind always

Environmental Action

Bounce is currently researching and developing our model of work to make the kindest contribution to the planet possible.

Mental Health and Wellness

We are committed to work that promotes wellness. We do not practice or incorporate any form of therapeutic practise in our work. However we value principals of joy, happiness and kindness. These always inform the way we make our work. This creates a natural opportunity for people to harness the inherent benefits of creativity for their own sense of well-being. We work with mental health professionals and qualified coaches to provide an additional platform for people to talk about their learning & how they best use their creative practise outside of Bounce where appropriate.

Safeguarding and Anti-Bullying

Our values inform the way we make our work. Our intention is always to create a safe space for young people. If you would to see our policies, or have more information about how our safeguarding or anti-bullying policies inform our practice, please contact us.

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