Bounce and COVID-19

March 25, 2020

Over the past 13 and half years, Bounce has created work with and for young people. We have always existed in spaces and focused on the value of human contact. We’ve made work in living rooms, museums, estate community rooms, green spaces, theatres, classrooms, beaches, parks and hospices to name by a few.

Like everywhere else, all of our work has stopped. Yet as we find ourselves in these strange times, we are going to make some of it in cyber space. It is not an area we’ve ever really focused on before as we are more comfortable hanging out with people. We’re not sure we’ll be the best at it, or innovate the world of digital art, but this is what we will do

– Maintain a space in the week to keep our groups connected.

– Form new groups that would benefit from being connected.

– Showcase the process and hard work of all the young people who have participated and will not see their work reach production.

– Use our work so far to help navigate through strange times.

– Keep our freelancers in work for as long as we can.

Ironically, all of our work was themed around home. Things to do in a Blackout was a look at rise in crime during WW2. As we exist in this crisis, we can already see the parallels between now and then. These times bring out the best and the worst of us. The Village of Kindness and HomeMade are all about the stories in our communities, the people or the things that inspire us – things that could get us through the next few weeks and months. Happy to Chat and The Grace Dear Youth Theatre are all about a commitment to good mental health. New projects that resonant with the time we are in are starting now.

Take a look at our work. Join in – from wherever you are in the world! We simply want to stay connected and creative.

Stay home. Stay Safe. Stay connected.



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