Happy to Chat

Since I am part of Happy to Chat I helped my Nan at home because she is disabled and I saw my Grandad’s ashes, I felt sad but also happy because I spoke to my Nan about him. I felt happy I helped my Nan and chatted to her about my Grandad.” Participant aged 9


About Happy to Chat

Happy to Chat is a collection of workshops and projects that celebrate the importance of good conversation. We tackle subjects as diverse as loneliness through to domestic violence. Participants engage in creative workshops to explore the theme. Artists lead the sessions with youth coaches to ensure participants are able to practically apply the workshop content into their everyday life. Happy to Chat is part of Creativity Plus+. This is a creative learning pedagogy fusing arts with life coaching.  The workshops bring people together to develop new skills, care for their emotional well-being and celebrate the power of simple actions like being kind. Created by Bounce and Silverlining Coaching with the inherent belief that being creative is good for you

“I have used happy to chat skills outside of school, on a family trip over half term.”

Happy to Chat at Beavers Primary School

Over 8 weeks an artist and coach worked with 90 children in Year 4 to identify the importance of being happy to chat. Amongst other things, children were encourage to think about their positive attributes and value to their immediate class community. Working in groups of three, they helped each other to create positive affirmations by identifying what they liked about each other. By six weeks, 50% of the group said they feel more confident to chat to new people since starting this project60% of the group said they enjoyed chatting more since doing this project

“Since I leant about happy to chat I play better with my little brother and chat to him more.”

Outcomes as identified by the children

  • This project helped me to talk more to my friends
  • The project helped me and my group to be more sociable
  • The project has been helpful as it helped me in Science when I had to do a presentation
  • This project lets us experience other people’s feelings
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