Making wonderland

New theatre, 2020

Wonderland is a brand new piece of theatre for 2020. We’re fittingly making it with our new youth theatre members!

The Grace Dear Youth Theatre has been set up by Bounce on behalf of the Grace Dear Trust. We were fortunate to meet the family during the process of writing SCAR. They were generous enough to speak about their experiences of loosing a family member to suicide. After SCAR, they decided to generously fund the youth theatre for one year. Hope, Grace’s sister said, ‘She would be dancing in the clouds right now.’ As siblings they all joined a youth theatre and it was rightly a happy space for them as many youth theatres are.

So the Grace Dear Youth Theatre will exist to provide a creative space for young people to meet up after school. Alongside this we will champion the importance of good conversation about mental health. Members will have access to mental health advocates who can offer them additional time and space if they would like to talk about anything.

Wonderland celebrates having positive conversations. The idea has been bubbling in the background for a while. Think Alice in Wonderland meets a Tedx talk. It’ll be a modern story about positively talking about feelings and finding your way home. Our youth theatre members will be able to try all aspects of theatre making. From working on the script, there will be opportunities to act, design and direct. We look forward to bringing the work to life in July 2020.

Find out how to join the Grace Dear Youth Theatre.

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4th November 2019.

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