We run projects in schools and alternative education settings. Our aim is to connect participants to their creativity. In doing so we ignite conversation and curiosity. All of our art produced in these projects is reflective of the personal development of the young people.

We focus on developing creative thinking, communication skills and group work. Alongside this we embed the principals of our wellness work and entwine coaching into our planning. This ensures children and young people are able to identify the skills they have learnt & think about how to apply them in other areas of life.  Our current residencies:


Anstee supports vulnerable young people at risk of becoming NEET due to complex emotional and social issues. The programme celebrates confidence through creativity. As artists in residence, our role has been to support the development of the programme. Our past work includes making two professionally performed pieces of theatre Emoji and Fried Chicken. These explored gang culture, domestic violence and social media. 

For more information please email louise@bouncetheatre.com