Hello from Home Podcast Launch

1 February, 2021

Bounce Theatre is delighted to have launched a new podcast series. Hello from Home has been conceived with a group of young people who want to talk about mental health.

Utilising Zoom as a makeshift recording studio, they are joining together each week to talk about young people’s mental health during and after the pandemic.

Covering the impact of remote learning, loneliness, political decision making, and the value of kindness were discussion points, amongst other things. The topics are chosen by the young people as a reflection of their own experiences and as a tool to encourage other young people to talk about their mental health.

“I love the podcast. I’m seeing all these people, connecting with them, saying all these things I never thought I would say. I would never think to say them and I find the podcast a really helpful thing. I look forward to Thursdays.” Haaris, Hello from Home podcast host.

The podcast accompanies a new zine for young people. This is full of ideas and content for young people to manage their emotional health through hobbies and interests. Both projects are supported by The Grace Dear Trust, a Mental Health Charity in Surrey.

Listen to the podcast on our Hello from Home project page here.

Read the zine on our Grace Dear page here.


Want to get involved?
If you are 11-14 and would like to participate in a podcast or create content for the zine, please email louise@bouncetheatre.com

Want to receive the Zine?
If you are a parent, school leader or youth worker who would like to receive the zine to share with young people, please email lauren@bouncetheatre.com

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