Doodle Club Fundraiser

5 March, 2021

We are thrilled that our half term Doodle Club raised £200 for St. George’s Hospital Covid Appeal.

Every day over half term, children met online for an hour of doodling. Together we explored doodling our breathing, doodling to music, using colour, pattern and shape. We doodled everything from animals to imaginary worlds. Each day they were given links to packs to continue being creative.

Participation was by donation and all money raised has been donated to St. George’s Hospital Covid Appeal.

“St. George’s is the nearest hospital to us. Our core team had their children there and in the current climate it was a little way of saying thank you”

Louise Pendry, Artistic Director.

Doodle Club was also part of some research and development work for Bounce as we prepare to launch our summer programme. So, watch this space for new work celebrating creativity in all its forms.


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