Free Scripts Coming Soon!

4 May, 2021

Bounce Theatre is delighted to be releasing a set of free scripts for use by teachers and groups at the end of May.
During the last year, the company has been organising its archive and is making the following available free of charge:

Fried Chicken
Louise Pendry
Fears rise and tensions bubble to the surface
Four people are locked in a chicken shop as a fight kicks off outside. Their own stories come to the surface as the pressure rises outside.
The play explores gang violence and grief.
Louise Pendry
It’s prom night and masks fall.
Three young people meet in the corridor outside the prom hall. The masks fall and the truth comes out. Will life be the same?
The play explores bullying, domestic violence, and good relationships.

Louise Pendry
A play about waiting in the NHS.
Four people wait for news of their loved ones.
The play looks at how our physical and mental health entwine.
Trigger warning: There are references to suicide in the script.

Things to do in a Blackout
Sharon Kanolik
Six short scripts about love, life, and crime in the Second World War. Written as audio dramas but adaptable for the stage.
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