Happy Birthday Bounce!

18 November, 2021

Our new colours are inspired by a photo “Sea from Space” reflecting a celebration of our values that have shaped us over the past 15 years & will continue to shape the next 15.


We believe that when those values overlap there are moments to affect real and authentic change – for individuals, groups, and communities.

Bounce also became a Wandsworth-based organisation in 2019. We are marking this and 15 years by producing a large-scale project across Tooting, Sugar & Spice is an intergenerational project celebrating Tooting High Street. Local people are finding out how Tooting rebuilt itself after the war and went on to gain the accolade of being one of the coolest neighbourhoods to live (Lonely Planet, 2017).

“Sugar & Spice celebrates our heritage. It also allows us to learn from a time period where there was renewal after global trauma. Through storytelling and art, we hope to provide a safe space for people to be creative and connect to some of the lessons in our past.”

Louise Pendry, Project Director
Join in with Sugar & Spice here!

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