Bounce Brings HOPE!

28 April, 2021

HOPE is a story about a little girl whose world has turned grey. It rains so much it sweeps her up into the ocean. There she finds sea creatures with blankets of seaweed, paintbrushes, and wise words. Overnight, Hope learns the importance of being kind to herself and letting go of her worries.

Hope is a picture book written by Louise Pendry and illustrated by Anstee Bridge students. The story champions the spirit of Anstee Bridge – confidence through creativity, based on a programme that follows Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

You can follow the progress of making the book on our website from the 17th May onwards.

We will be running a sponsored colouring competition in June with Anstee Bridge. All money raised will be donated to Kingston Hospital. If you would like to receive a fundraising pack please email for details.

HOPE will be available to download in July 2020. It will be celebrated with a performance on the 8th July at the Anstee Bridge graduation.

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