The Launch of HOPE

14 September, 2021

A picture book about letting go of your worries.

Bounce Theatre is delighted to be working with Anstee Bridge to release HOPE on the 1st October 2021.

HOPE is a story about a little girl whose world has turned grey. It rains so much it sweeps her up into the ocean. There she finds sea creatures with blankets of seaweed, paintbrushes, and wise words. Overnight, Hope learns the importance of being kind to herself and letting go of her worries.

Anstee Bridge supporters will gather together at John Lewis to hear the story being performed. Along with this, there will be a celebration of the project that follows.

The book was written by Louise Pendry, inspired by the young people at Anstee Bridge and how they feel when they are there. The students worked with artists to illustrate it – providing them with sessions to relax and paint as we emerged from lockdown.

The book will be shared with children across Kingston and Richmond. It will be accompanied with a zine for children to try out some of the activities Hope enacts in the story.

“With the pandemic impacting on children’s emotional health and anxiety, we wanted to create something that would on the surface be something for children to enjoy reading, but give adults a hook to support them to talk more about their feelings.”
Louise Pendry, Bounce Theatre.

Children are invited to host a sponsored colour-a-thon in the zine. All money raised will go to the Anstee Bridge students campaign to raise money for Kingston Hospital Charity.

“Anstee is well supported by the community. This is our chance to give something back and support some of our key workers in recovering from the pandemic. I couldn’t be prouder.”
Katherine Greening, Anstee Bridge Programme Leader.

To read Hope or find out more visit our HOPE page.

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