Celebrating Children’s Imaginations & Finding New Writers 

12 November, 2020

As part of celebrating turning 14 years old, Bounce launched a new writing project . We are mentoring young people between 11-15 years old to make original work which will be celebrated digitally and in performance next year.

Alongside this, we are proud to produce the work of the younger writers we met during lockdown. Our new look website allows us to showcase the next generation of talents!

This month, we are featuring lockdown stories from Conor Maile and Otis Westby. We met both young writers through StoryClub. After reading their work, they were invited in to record with professional actors and contribute thoughts to the editing of their stories.

Author of two of this month’s stories, Conor Maile says, “I really enjoy reading and have done so from a very young age. This, along with my mum always telling me made-up stories, inspires me to write my own stories.”

Our second writer is Otis Westby whose work was featured regularly throughout lockdown and we were all proud to watch him emerge as a poet. His mum says, “It has been so lovely to see the creativity that Otis is capable of.”

You can listen to their stories on our Make at Home LISTEN page.

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Conor Maile, Writer

Otis Westby, Poet

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