New Year: New Work

5 January, 2021

As we welcome in 2021, we are still living with the impact of the pandemic on our everyday life. Bounce continues with a programme of digital work. We are inviting children, young people, and adults to make with us and make at home.
Our work continues to be linked by the importance of care – both in what we make and why we are making it.

Highlights include:

Wonderland – We are introducing a tiny body of work for children and young people impacted by school closures. Using articles from the National Archives as inspiration, we celebrate our homes into a state of wonder. Ordinary objects are transformed into the extraordinary. through a range of creative workshops. Learn more about Wonderland here.

In January, our virtual youth theatre returns. Working with the Grace Dear Trust we will be developing performance skills on camera. At the same time we’ll be engaging with our young writers to reimagine Alice in Wonderland for 2021. Learn more about our Youth Theatre here.

The Tooting Fork will continue for another 10 weeks, championing the food heritage and diversity of Tooting. Learn more about The Tooting Fork here.

We will also start a brand new project with Anstee Bridge. Hope is a walking and spoken word project. More details will be revealed during January.

For those who prefer to stay offline in these times, we have two new zines available. The Grace Dear Trust zine is written for, by and with young people for young people. The New Year Edition focuses on visioning 2021. Winter Stories is a community zine for Kingston. The January issue focuses on colour, shape, and collage. Make new meals out of your leftovers and make original art out of waste materials. See both projects here.

For more information about our work or to collaborate on a new project please email

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