Spot the Wildlife

10 December, 2020

During the first lockdown, Bounce began StoryClub. A digital zine with ideas for children to make and create at home. Alongside this, we started to produce printed copies, soon distributing over 1,000 a week to foodbanks, schools, and charities in order to reach children with limited digital access throughout the lockdown period and into the summer.

We were proud to make links with people doing incredibly vital things to support the most vulnerable in the communities we have been operating in for over a decade.

We commissioned a Where’s-Wally-inspired nature poster from artist, Ruth Stewart. Our intention was to make something that could decorate a bedroom and be a game in one. We have sent 300 to Hounslow Foodbox this week and are making it available to
DOWNLOAD HERE for anyone who wants some original art at home.

Director of Bounce, Louise said,
“This has been a year like no other. For us, creativity has never been more important in terms of helping people stay well. We hope the posters will make children smile, they’ll spot some nature and maybe see the start of a story in them. It’s a small gesture, but lots of little gestures add to change.”

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