Sugar & Spice Zine Launch

7 February, 2022

Bounce Theatre is proud to have printed brand new Sugar & Spice zines for anyone who’d like to join in at home.

Containing a range of different activities, from pop-quizzes to spot-the-difference scenes of our local area, the packs are a nostalgic and creative exploration of Tooting.

“For the past six months, Bounce has been working with young people to uncover some of the heritage of Tooting High Street. The packs are a way to mark some of our ideas, the activities we have tried out and celebrate the project so far.”

Louise Pendry, Artistic Director

The company was delighted to send some of them to St. George’s Hospital as part of the Arts Team’s Creative Resource Collection Station.

Sugar & Spice is a heritage lottery-funded project, intending to animate the hidden heritage of Tooting High Street. Sugar & Spice celebrates the people, the places, and the spaces which helped shape the High Street as we know it today. The project will culminate in an ambitious performance, travelling decades in 90 minutes, and a pop-up museum for Tooting.

Join the projects: Sugar & Spice

Help us build the Museum of Memories

Email to share your memories of Tooting. We can send you questions from young people to answer or we can arrange a telephone reminiscence call to record your memories and contribute to the project! We are looking for your answers to questions such as:

What was it like growing up in Tooting?

What was fashionable when you were growing up?

What sort of music did you like?

We wondered what it was like to sit in the Granada cinema during the film club? Could you tell us about that?

How has our High Street changed?

Who is the most famous person you know that grew up in Tooting?

Do you remember any big events celebrated in Tooting?

What could young people do growing up when you did?

What were your favourite shops in Tooting?

How did it feel to go shopping when you were younger?

What was the thing everyone wanted to buy when you were growing up?

Read the zine:

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