10,000 copies of StoryClub!

14 July, 2020

Our lockdown project Story Club reached a new milestone this week. We’ve distributed 10,000 copies of our mini magazine for children! Fittingly, we have marked it with a celebration issue. Children are invited to think about the positive things they’ll take from lockdown, write praise poetry and throw an awards ceremony in their living room.

Story Club was formed in the absence of being able to run our projects in person. We started at the beginning of lockdown with an intention to provide a platform for children to do the things they do in our clubs & projects, from home, without having to be online. They could play and make stories, which could be sent to us for an online story time.

At the same time, we reached out to food banks and charities to see if we could support their work. Within a couple of weeks Story Club was supplied to Reach Academy, Learn English at Home, Hounslow Foodbox, Salvation Army Feltham, Homestart, Kingston Foodbank, Refugee Action, Learn to Love to Read, Dons Local Action group, St Georges Hospital, SmallWood Primary School, and Roehampton Community Foodbox.

“Story Club is so thoughtfully curated. StoryClub booklets are distributed with food parcels for families with young children.We have quite a large number of repeat referrals so it’s great to have new editions to add.” Hounslow Community Foodbox.

As we mark our 10,000th printed issue, StoryClub recipients are invited to join our Big Holiday Project. A blend of digital workshops and interactions will sit alongside our non digital offer. It is free to participate in. Please email lauren@bouncetheatre.com for details

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