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16 December, 2021

Bounce Theatre is recruiting for designers to support a mixed media installation project with young people experiencing emotional health challenges.

Based in Kingston, we will be collaborating with young people (age 14-16 years old) to build an installation exploring loneliness and the importance of human connection. Each student will be invited to create a model box of a room in a city, inspired by writing provided by Bounce Theatre. This will be developed into an installation. The writing will be developed by the design and will end with a performance and/or audio recording embedded into the installation.

We are looking for a team of artists, from different disciplines, to inspire the students to fall in love with the arts and make this happen. As such, we would be keen to hear from:

– Costume, set, and prop designers

– Lighting and sound designers

Workshops run Monday – Thursday between 9-3pm in central Kingston. There are two different groups attending each day for a 2.5 hour session. Each group has different and various emotional health needs.

The project will start on the 28th February 2022 and run until the end of March. Practitioners will have Wednesday mornings off to allow for planning and preparation time. Pay will be £30,000 pro rata.

If you would be interested in applying please send us something to be able to consider you. We would like to understand:

– Your level of experience in working creatively with young people with emotional, social and mental health needs;

– Your approach to engaging vulnerable young people with a range of emotional needs in a workshop setting. Groups can include participants with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and ADHD – so require bespoke approaches

– How you would approach the idea.

We welcome CVs and covering letters. We are also happy to have videos or portfolios – whatever you feel best illustrates your experience and allows us to understand the above.

Candidates must be in possession of or be willing to apply for an enhanced DBS check.

Applications should be made by 21st January 2022.

Please submit your applications by email to:

If you have any questions about the role or the application process, please get in touch:

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