Project Description

An interdisciplinary celebration of the evolving nature of urban art.

Urban Art Stories was a heritage project led by Bounce Theatre with the Saatchi Gallery as a heritage project, funded by The Heritage Lottery.

The aim of the project was to explore the emergence of techniques used by street artists over the years & uncover oral histories from artists about their work.

Over six months, 50 young people participated in between 12 and 60+ hours of workshops exploring the urban art movement through

  • – drama 
  • – art workshops
  • – site visits
  • – Arts award

During this time they 

  • – Took photographs
  • – Documented their research 
  • – Helped create an app 
  • – Devised performance 
  • – Created an interdisciplinary art installation 

Through the project young people 

  • – Changed their perception about feeling ‘ghetto’ in an art gallery to curating their own exhibit.
  • – Independently travelled into London to visit sites of interest.
  • – Visited the gallery space without staff.
  • – Identified the heritage significance of urban art and the identity it gave the city.