Volunteer, freelance artist and Company Director

I discovered Bounce Theatre Winter 2010.  A fresh expat, I had moved to Kingston-upon-Thames only a few months prior.  I was looking and needing something creative to do so I did a Google search.  What did I find?  Bounce Theatre was presenting The Vagina Monologues at the corner HOUSE in Surbiton.  And they were looking for volunteer performers.

It was local.  A hop, skip and a jump down the 281.  I emailed Bounce immediately.  A friendly email returned and I was onboard.  I was given a monologue.  We had a rehearsal and the next day a performance.

A few months later, Louise asked me if I’d run sound for Bounce’s Hounslow Youth Theatre.  I said sure.  When I showed up to the theatre for the first rehearsal, I sat in the light booth.  From the light booth, I watch this skinny primary school boy walk into the space.  He was looking around.  Then I heard, Louise’s voice ring from the audience.  She called the boy’s name then said, “DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!”

The boy looked startled as if god had just talked to him.  By 2011, I was working with that youth theatre.  That boy and the rest of them brought me such joy during my time with Bounce.  Those young people taught me patience.  They honed my creativity.  They showed me the power of the arts and how it could transform lives.

Now back home in Michigan, I incorporate Bounce values and approaches in my dance classes here.  I want to encourage and nurture my students’ creativity and curiosity, like we did when I worked with the youth theatre or on a heritage projects.

I say this with the greatest of love for Bounce Theatre, Louise, its facilitators and participants.  You ruined me in a beautiful way.  With that I express my deepest of gratitude! xxx

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