Participant, Loneliness in the city

Joining in with Loneliness and the City helped me realise my potential in drama and the arts industry. I had given up G.C.S.E drama but after two months passed on the project,  I realise what’s missing in my life…creativity. I missed discussing ideas and hearing peoples interpretation of styles of art. I realised how much enthusiasm I had for drama as before I knew it I was in a group debating how we should position ourselves for a performance!

I went back to G.C.S.E drama before the project had finished! Results day has gone past, ( 2 A*s and an A). At this point it was obvious what I was going to take further to sixth form…Drama! Combined with English literature and Sociology. Although it is a step up from GCSE, if it’s something you enjoy it really won’t matter. I always wonder what might have happened if I never worked with Bounce and if I never met Louise that gave me the encouragement to explore these creative subjects. I will forever be grateful

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