Participant, Mums Plus+

My names Natalie Rumbol, I’m 22 years old and I have a 2 year old daughter named Talia-Rose Rumbol. Its just Talia-Rose and myself.

I got involved with Bounce shortly after having my daughter when I started volunteering at Anstee Bridge. I was once a student at Anstee and done my arts award with Louise. She used to bring me skittles for motivation to write.

In 2018 me and Louise sat down after both having our beautiful babies. Louise already having a business offered me support in wanting to still be more then just a mum. So we set up Mum plus+ to provide support and professional work coaching for mums to think about their other roles outside of motherhood. Now I get to work with Louise, sharing ideas towards our Mums Plus+ project. I am hoping to extend and build to offer more mums the opportunity to get involved!

Bounce is friendly, welcoming and a massively supportive company. It has and is continuing to build my own confidence and help me feel a sense of achievement. I’m motivated to reach my own goals and keep achieving. My daughter benefits hugely due to my attitude towards life!

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