Heritage from home

Heritage from Home was inspired by our project Things to do in a Blackout.

Through lockdown, we all saw a surprising new relevance to our project. So rather than stop completely, we decided to start a newsletter for self isolating older people. We wanted to find a way of celebrating the heritage but also to find a way to creatively connect with the people who could help grow our stories.

3500 copies were sent to older people during lockdown.

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Production: SCAR


Theatre, 2019

By Louise Pendry with Anstee Bridge

Four young people’s worlds collide as they wait for news of their friends. SCAR explores our relationship with our physical and mental health.

First performed in July 2019 at the National Archives, SCAR is part of a collection of plays made with Anstee Bridge. Students are invited to be part of the creative process. They collaborate with the writer, audition and rehearse the actions and undertake producing roles.

SCAR has since been performed at the Rose Theatre, Turing House, Heatham House, Kent Council Safeguarding Conference, and Kingston Hospital Nursing and Midwifery Conference.

Funded by Kingston Boys Club


Production: Emoji


Theatre, 2017

By Louise Pendry with Anstee Bridge

It’s Prom Night. For three young people, life will never be the same again as masks fall and their true feelings are revealed. Emoji is a tender tale of transformation and learning to love yourself.

Inspired by the mental health imagery in Hans Christian Anderson, Emoji was made with Anstee Bridge. Students were invited to be part of the creative process. They collaborated with the writer, auditioned and rehearsed the actions, and undertook producing roles.

Funded by Grants for the Arts and Kingston Boys Club


Project: Lonely


Project, 2018

Loneliness in the City featured the work of 10 Year 10 drama students at Chessington Community College. The students collaborated with Bounce Theatre to conceive a city through the eyes of the lonely. The piece blended dialogue, visual art, and photography to highlight the hidden stories of loneliness that seep into the walls of a city. The work was exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery and Rose Theatre.

The work originated from a commission from The Royal Borough of Kingston, looking at young people’s views on urban living. They have focused on themes of mental health and well-being. Through the project, 165 children and young people achieved an Arts Award.

Funded by Kingston upon Thames Council – Arts Commission


Production: Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

Theatre, 2016

By Louise Pendry with Anstee Bridge

A group of young people are trapped in a Fried Chicken shop as a riot kicks off. Friendships are tested and fears rise to the surface.

Fried Chicken explored complex themes of gangs and male identity. Made with Anstee Bridge, students were invited to be part of the creative process. They worked in collaboration with the writer, auditioned and rehearsed the actions, and undertook producing roles.

Funded by the Arts Council


Project: Women In Work

Women in work

Project, 2015

Women in Work was led by army wives and children at the Cavalry Barracks Hounslow.

The project investigated the role of women during the Great War, how their work not only became about looking after their home, but also the roles they took on to replace men who went to serve in the war. In turn, they uncovered how this shaped the community in Hounslow through their contribution on the homefront to the war effort.

This work was translated into a book for the wider community, celebrated at a launch event with live readings for local people to better access the heritage of the Great War and see its impact today as the barracks sits in the heart of their community.

Funded by The Heritage Lottery Fund


Scratch: Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

Scratch Performance

Fried Chicken started as a scratch performance. We wanted to find a new way to make theatre with Anstee Bridge that didn’t require them to be on the stage. Working off the back of the London riots, the piece explored how girls react to social media pressures and gang violence. The production was professionally performed & the students all took production roles. This was the catalyst for a new way of making theatre from the stories the Anstee Bridge students wanted to tell.


Project: Urban art stories

Urban Art stories


Urban Art Stories was an interdisciplinary project exploring the heritage of the urban art movement. Young people from Hounslow collaborated with Bounce to undertake research across London about how urban art has evolved in both form and content. Their research was interpreted into an exhibition at the Saatchi gallery. Along with this they ran workshops, devised immersive performance and hosted a gig in the basement with urban artists.


Project: Orleans Park School

Oreleans Park School

Project, 2018

From Flanders Fields was a project for 25 young people in Richmond upon Thames. They worked with us to research the history of places affected during WW1 and the heritage of places in Richmond upon Thames because of WW1. The project aimed to understand how aspects of the communities heritage has been shaped by WW1.

Students used their research to create a drama piece and exhibition ‘From Flanders Field’. Their performance reflected upon Marble Hill House where the grounds were used to train soldiers during the war. Along with this they told parts of the story of The Royal Star and Garter, established in the borough because of the war. Entwined within this was the opening of The Poppy Factory, which holds its origins in WW1 and moved to Richmond in 1925.

Their work was shared with the wider community highlighting the areas relationship with the war to and from Flanders Fields.


Hounslow youth theatre

hounslow youth theatre

december 2014

Hounslow Youth Theatre was an evolution of work with young people across Hounslow. Working together to make numerous shows and productions for their community including Angels, Tiny Tales, Project X, Peter Pan, Alice 2013, Beauty, Carol, Cinderella and DNA.