Be Kind is a collection of projects that champion kindness as the foundations for wellness, whether it is kindness to yourself, to your community or to the wider world. All projects are made with the support of holistic practitioners and youth coaches in their design, so the creative work can be stimulus for real change.

Our current projects include:

A Village of Kindness 

Participants will work with drama and dance practitioners to explore what it feels like to be kind.

How do you get your body ready to be kind? 

How do you use your voice to be kind?

How can being kind help the people around you?

What does a kind place look like?

Through a series of workshops, participants will explore new ways to use kindness to combat loneliness and compliment urban regeneration. They will come together to in a mock urban regeneration town plan event, where the towns biggest currency is kindness.

Alongside the arts practitioners, participants will have access to a youth coach. This will allow them to identify and reflect on their learning around kindness.

A Village of Kindness completes a two year commission from Kingston Council to look at urban regeneration whilst offering The Arts Award. All projects will be documented and be available for future use in 2020.

We are currently recruiting Kingston schools for this project. For more details please email