Inspired by the work of the Jo Cox Foundation, we look at how chat impacts on happiness and reduces loneliness. Children in Hounslow are about to embark on this project. They will work with drama and dance practitioners to explore what it feels like to be happy to chat. 

How do you get your body ready to chat well? 

How do you use your voice to chat happily?

Do you have to chat with people in the same class as you/

Does learning new things help you chat?

Through a series of workshops, children will explore how to find new ways to chat well that could combat loneliness. They will come together to give a presentation during a lunch for the community.

Alongside the arts practitioners, children will have access to a youth coach. This will allow them to identify and reflect on their learning around positive conversation. 

Happy to Chat has evolved from our Creative Spaces project, that bought families together to take over a community space.