Celebrating 70 years of the NHS through the eyes of children and young people

2nd-4th July 2019 at The National Archives 


Installation Floor 2 The National Archives

1st-4th July 2019

Step inside and take a seat in The Waiting Room where we celebrate highlights of the 70 years of medical research and developments within the NHS. The Waiting Room also asks us to think about how we feel while we wait to be seen or treated, and the thanks or otherwise we give back to the people who keep the heart of the NHS beating.


2-3 July 2019 – 11am

Four young people take a break in the fresh air outside A&E. Time ticks on as they wait for news of their best friends. Days turns to night and night to day as they try to come to terms with the repercussions of accidents and emergencies. 

(SCAR contains strong language and swearing. It tackles complex mental health themes including self harm. For more information before coming to see the show please email katherine.greening@acheivingforchildren.org.uk)


An evening celebrating alternative learning. 

4th July – 6.30pm

Join Anstee Bridge, Bounce Theatre, INYBB and the National Archives Education team on the eve of the 71st birthday of the NHS. View the making of Our Health Your Hands, see SCAR and join the conversation. How can culture and heritage support young people’s mental health? 

All participants will receive a copy of Beyond the Glitter – a guide to alternative learning, inspired by this project.

To reserve tickets for any event please email katherine.greening@achievingforchildren.org.uk