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Things to do during a blackout

During WW2 crime rose by a reported 57%. A rise in fraud, gang culture, looting and a fractured relationship with Europe impacted on peoples everyday life. Along with poverty, hunger, illness, fear and exceptional pressure – what was home really like?

Young people across Kingston will collaborate in an innovative project researching and documenting why crime rose. Their research will be curated into an exhibition and performance at the National Archives for VE Day 2020.

Made with Anstee Bridge, Coombe Boys, Chessington College, Military Wives and children from Kingston Keep

Collraborating with National Archives & Imperial War Museum

Funded by The Heritage Fund

Village of kindness

A Village of Kindness is a year long project for children and young people to explore concepts of urban regeneration. If home is where the heart is, what would a village built on the foundations of kindness look like?

Blending drama, art and digital technology together – this mixed media installation will land at the Stanley Picker Gallery in June 2020. Celebrating Children and The Arts Week 2020.

Kingston Academy, St Lukes School

Funded by Kingston Arts Commissioning Officer


‘We’re all mad here…’

Wonderland meets TedX. A new play about dealing with mental health and finding your way home. It will premiere during Mental Health Awareness Week 2020.

Made and funded by the Grace Dear Youth Theatre and Anstee Bridge.