Rob     What you playing at?

Matt    Get off me.

Rob     You nearly punched that nurse.

(Brief silence)

Rob     Hello? Is anyone there? You nearly punched the nurse. The nurse Matt.

Four young people take a break in the fresh air outside A+E. Time ticks on as they wait for news of their best friends. Days turns to night and night to date as they try to come to terms with the repercussions of accidents and emergencies. 

SCAR looks at how young people cope with their physical and emotional health. How do you heal the scars you can see and those you can’t?
The script has been co-created with a group of young people at Anstee Bridge to compliment their heritage work for NHS70. It will be professionally performed and produced for an event at The National Archives in July 2019. All the young people will become part of Bounce and work as the production team.