The Project

Despite common misconceptions today, during the Second World War crime rose by a startling 57%. The blackouts provided a cloak for all sorts of wrongdoings, from looting to more serious crimes of passion.

What was originally intended to be a live performance has been revised and reimagined as a digital art project. Enter onto a street in London during the war. Explore the stories of ordinary people and how crime seeped into their lives. Discover more about our digital art project. Discover a street during the Blitz. Every house has a story, every house contains an episode.

Things to do in a Blackout

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Digital Resources for Teachers

Use our remote learning pack and create writing or audio drama to be embedded into the site (link above). Read a script, record it, and see it feature in the houses. Design work to feature in the galleries.

Resource Packs – Free to Download and Use







The Scripts – Free to Download and Use

Big Smoke

The Dead End Kids

Aida and Alfie

A Tonic

The Deserters

The Rules

Project Partners National Archives and the Imperial War Museum
Funded by The Heritage Fund

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