A tiny travelling theatre show
December 2020

Dear Children is a touring show across Earlsfield and the surrounding areas. Santa is on a secret mission to make sure children know that he knows they’ve been carrying the spirit of Christmas in their hearts all year long. Plus, he can still get to all the houses in one night with a brand new sleigh to allow the reindeer to socially distance.

Each show will be socially distanced but joyfully performed outside front doors and in gardens (whatever the weather!)

He will visit over 200 houses and each performance will be different, as the parents have written a line of the script.

In the absence of tickets and presents, donations have been made to Earlsfield Foodbank.

See our Fundraising Campaign here.

Our Door to Door show has sold out. However, we’ll be outside Love Art in Tooting Market on the 5th December and there are 24 opportunities for children to have a socially distanced version of the performance. Please email tootingsanta@bouncetheatre.com for details.

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