The Female Voice is a podcast project that was made for girls by girls. Tackling topics like gender equality, smashing stereotypes, female leadership and being ok with your hormones.

Episode 10: The final episode in this series is with Gill Simmons, founder of Brave Bold Drama. The conversation is about living bravely and authentically.

Episode 9: The topic this week is Education

Episode 8: The team are joined by the women who formed the PSA periods campaign.

Episode 7: Jordana Golbourn chats to the team about our stories and emotional health.

Episode 6: The girls talk about what they’ve learnt so far in this series.

Episode 5: This week, the girls talk to award winning author Tamsin Winter about body image and body positivity.
Potential trigger warning: Please note this episode does contain discussion and references to eating disorders.

Episode 4: This episode explores female role models and icons and their influence on our lives. They are joined by Sherry Coenen and Vivi Bayliss – theatre lighting designer and director respectively.

Episode 3: In this episode, the girls discuss feminism and the importance of representation with guest Lily Einhorn, arts practitioner and producer.

Episode 2: explores our early thoughts about feminism, femininity, and female leadership. The girls are joined by guest Katie Bowden, HR Consultant, coach and mum.

Episode 1: This pilot episodes explores our early thoughts about feminism and its relevance in 2020.

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