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Get inspired by our selection of creative podcasts. Started in lockdown, each provides a unique set of ideas to think about or stories to listen to.

These stories and poems were written by some of our StoryClub readers. You too can read StoryClub on our Read page.

‘Space Haiku’ – Poem by Otis Westby

‘Wild Coral’ – Poem by Otis Westby

‘Praise Poem’ by Otis Westby

‘How London Was Created’ – Story by Otis Westby

‘Fire Breather’ – Story by Conor Maile

‘The Girl Who Grew an Acromantula’ – Story by Conor Maile


Inspired by The Female Voice, we invited two girls Talia, age 10 and Naomi, age 7 to guest on a podcast with TFV team. Have a listen to their interview celebrating how amazing girls are and the women they look up to.

International Day of the Girl – Podcast


The Female Voice is made for girls by girls. Tackling topics like gender equality, smashing stereotypes, female leadership and being ok with your hormones.

Episode 10: The final episode in this series is with Gill Simmons, founder of Brave Bold Drama. The conversation is about living bravely and authentically.

Episode 9: The topic this week is Education

Episode 8: The team are joined by the women who formed the PSA periods campaign.

Episode 7: Jordana Golbourn chats to the team about our stories and emotional health.

Episode 6: The girls talk about what they’ve learnt so far in this series.

Episode 5: This week, the girls talk to award winning author Tamsin Winter about body image and body positivity.
Potential trigger warning: Please note this episode does contain discussion and references to eating disorders.

Episode 4: This episode explores female role models and icons and their influence on our lives. They are joined by Sherry Coenen and Vivi Bayliss – theatre lighting designer and director respectively.

Episode 3: In this episode, the girls discuss feminism and the importance of representation with guest Lily Einhorn, arts practitioner and producer.

Episode 2: explores our early thoughts about feminism, femininity, and female leadership. The girls are joined by guest Katie Bowden, HR Consultant, coach and mum.

Episode 1: This pilot episodes explores our early thoughts about feminism and its relevance in 2020.