Lonely Town

Where: Kingston

When: Summer 2022

Funded By: Arts Council England

“Behind the curtains, between the walls and in open spaces a town is illuminated as loneliness seeps into its soul.”

During spring 2022, artists worked with young people at Anstee Bridge – an alternative education programme for young people with emotional health issues preventing them engaging in school.

Lonely Town was a collaboration between Anstee Bridge students, theatre designers and a writer. With a draft script to hand, designers collaborated with the students to make individual model boxes depicting rooms and spaces which can impact our experience of loneliness. They explored youth loneliness through visual design. The designs were a stimulus for discussion between the young people, artists, and local volunteers.

The writer was present to observe the designs and listen to the students’ conversations to entwine the responses into the script. The final script was professionally performed as part of Anstee Bridge’s ongoing approach to celebrating the students work with the community.

Bounce has worked with Anstee Bridge for 10 years. You can see some of our other projects in our impact report here.

Interested in teaching resources?

Lonely Town will be published as a free script for secondary schools to use. If you’d like a copy emailed to you please email lauren@bouncetheatre.com

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