Sugar & Spice is an intergenerational project celebrating the people, the places, and the spaces which helped shape the High Street as we know it today. Our intergenerational project sets out to discover why Tooting was voted one of the coolest places to live before the pandemic. This will culminate in a performance, pop-up museum, and digital art project to take heritage into unusual spaces.

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DIY / Digital Art Project
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Professional Development Opportunities

The Art of Wonder

The Art of Wonder offers educators an opportunity to consider how to ignite children’s curiosity and creativity whilst developing communication skills. Practitioners will work with our Head of Creative Learning to consider:
– How to use oral histories and objects to develop children’s confidence in asking questions, connecting thoughts back to themselves and their place in the community.
How children can use their responses to questions to develop art projects of their own choice.
– How to develop a culture of thinking in a responsive classroom.

We will use Sugar & Spice as our case study. The project demonstrates how questioning techniques can be integral in building meaningful work, culminating in participants producing poetry, art, dance and performance.

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Funded by the Heritage Fund

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